Sign, sealed, delivered

YOU’LL never miss the Twinnies now.

Thanks to the selfless contribution of Otways couple Brian and Joan, the Twinnes HQ now has a conspicuous presence as you drive along Steve Irwin Way north of Landsborough with their logo proudly presented along the front of their Pelican and Seabird rescue sanctuary.

Brian and Joan flew up specifically to spend a few days helping the Twinnies with much-needed chores, but Brian went a step further when he started to stencil and then cut out the wooden  lettering to give their sanctuary a standout roadside presence.

The Twinnies, Bridgette and Paula Powers, said it was a wonderful gesture for which they were so grateful.

“It was so nice of Brian and Joan to come up and give their time and to stencil out those letters for us. It was wonderful,” the girls said.

“It looks amazing and now makes it much safer for people to see where we are when they drive up.”

Brian said it was a pleasure to be able to help the Twinnies. “It’s great to be able to do some little improvements, they do a wonderful job and any small thing we can do we are more than happy,” Brian told GC&M News the day before flying home.

It has been a whirlwind 12 months for the Twinnies who faced eviction last year before Peter Sherwood bought the property for $1m.

Bridgette said they were always on the lookout for passionate volunteers with open minds about working with birdlife and welcomed donations to help continue their drive to rescue and rehabilitate birdlife.

Main image: Otways couple Brian and Joan with Twinnies, Bridgette and Paula in front of the new signage on Steve Irwin Way.