Skilled migration ‘critical to housing demand’

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has called for a targeted policy on skilled migration to address Australia’s growing population and the demand for housing.
The HIA’s Jocelyn Martin said the importance of skilled migration for the home building industry to meet the housing demand, which is already at “crushing highs” was vital. Australia’s relatively fast rate of population growth offers economic benefits, especially with regards to ensuring an adequate working-age population against the backdrop of an ageing population.
However, skilled migration is crucial to increase skilled trades workers, particularly in cases of acute demand,” Ms Martin said.
“The residential building industry requires migration pathways to enable a long-term structural shortage of workers to be addressed through permanent migration, and pathways that allow the recruitment of skilled workers for short periods to alleviate acute shortages,” she said. HIA has urged the government to develop a visa that enables the residential building industry to alleviate trade shortages through skilled migration. HIA’s submission to the Australian Government’s Federal Budget focuses on the need for a targeted policy on skilled migration.