So much for tradition on this brave old day

By Crank the Croc

SO the Sunshine Coast Council has decided to cut all ties with Australia Day – a day that urges people to reflect, respect and celebrate.
Three concepts clearly at odds with the council, which in the spirit of reflection, respect and celebration has turned its local Australia Day Awards to the UNESCO Biosphere Community Awards. I kid you not.
A made up global organisation with a made up poorly understood and, dare I say, irrelevant tag that essentially agrees that the Sunshine Coast has plenty of green space.
It’s death to Australia Day by 1000 cuts.
It’s insulting to those who believe in striving for their nation under the one flag without feeling the guilt of generation’s past.
Joke decision by a council that might as well be flying the flag at half mast every day, especially on Australia Day, sorry, I mean UNESCO Biosphere Community Day.
It’s that time of year when your so-called friends start posting their top 5 music playlists for the year from their Spotify subscription.
Is there a sadder realisation than you spend valuable time hanging around people who secretly listen to Kate Miller-Heidke, Amy Shark, Kasey Chambers or Courtney Barnett, just to name some of the god-awful ‘talent’ that somehow jagged a manager, only for them to proudly show off their taste like they just discovered The Beatles.
I suppose I could get to know these people better, show some vague interest, ask after their family or so forth.
Or they could just come back to me when they’ve sorted out their terrible taste.
I’m a bit slow to the party, but why do Black Friday sales not occur on the 13th? And why do Cyber Monday sales go all week?
Is it possible that retailers are trying to squeeze every last drop from my haemorrhaging credit card.