Social Netball rolls back for Winter to Spring season

THE Tibro’s social ladies July to November competition starts on July 19, with organisers saying there are still openings for interested players.

Tibro’s social competition organiser Megan Scholes said the quality of netball is high for a social competition and loves to see everyone getting along.

“I just really enjoy when you are down there on a Tuesday night, and you hear people laughing, and you see people having a good time,” she said.

“The other thing I like is seeing players who have been around for many years, helping those who are newer and even if you aren’t on the same team.”

Registrations among established teams has increased.

“I will either look to link them in with their current team or what we’ve done in the past is link new ladies together to make a new team,” she said.

And Megan insists this competition is for everyone even if you haven’t played in a long time, it is worth giving it a go if you’ve got the spare time.

“There are ladies now who have become good friends who have met each other through netball and then offer each other support in their lives,” she said.

“It’s great that people are out and moving as well but it’s the connection to other women that I think stands out.

“That’s something that I really like about our local comp.”

If you are interested in joining or starting a team, please contact Megan by call or text on 0412 115 421.