Some people will never be happily ever after

YOU really have to have a laugh at people’s shoot from the hip responses to some things.
The announcement that public transport fares would be cut to 50 cents for six months is a prime example.
The move by the State Government feeds right into the Greens policy heartland, but somehow it’s still not good enough.
‘Make it free, you cowards!’ one shouted from the rooftops yesterday.
Oh, and a six-month trial isn’t good enough either.
Can’t they ever be happy?
Not that 50 cents will help much in this neck of the woods where decent public transport is more aspirational than practical.
There needs to be a serious discussion about services. Oh gosh, now I sound just like the Greens.
With thousands more about to start hopping on trains, Queensland Rail might want to do something about its hopeless free WiFi. You can log in to the free wifi and check a couple of emails and reach your limit within a few stops (it’s also a black spot for mobile services between Glass House and Elimbah).
We do the weekly Aldi shop and boy, while it might still be cheaper than Coles or Woolies, the Germans are playing a decent game of catch-up. No wonder households are going to the wall at a rapid pace. And also, those blue award stickers on the perishables?
Don’t believe the hype.
They suck you in with one good week of produce and the next it’s a powdery mess.
Poor value, poor quality. In saying all that, we’re a captive audience, so see you there next week.