Sometimes you need fails to know wins

By Crank the Croc

I GAVE one of the kids a first warning the other day. There is a zero tolerance rule for the way she speaks to her mother, I said sternly.
To which my better half noted that you can’t have zero tolerance and a first warning. Well whatever, I was super annoyed. Who talks like that?
Even my daughter gave me a quzzical, ‘So just exactly how are you going to kick me out?’.
Details, details. Just know I’m pretty serious. Every time I try to give youth the benefit of the doubt over their entitled obnoxiousness they go off their nut because we won’t drop everything immediately on demand. She also failed her driver’s license test that week which probably sent her over the edge.
Being asked to shut the cutlery door sends her over the edge, so it’s hard to know.
We were secretly (openly) hoping she would fail. She is a menace at home and it is the least I can do as a good citizen to delay her being a menace on the roads.
It was particularly funny when her test paper showed her start time as 10:55am, finish time: 11:00am. She didn’t look for or give way to oncoming traffic while exiting the testing centre. Immediate fail. Lol.
Better luck next time! We love you!
Is it just me or is there is something profoundly wrong in the world when you hear that people are trying to start fires every day.
It seems like they have most success on a Saturday afternoon given the hinterland’s spate of fires have all started in a similar vicinity on the weekend?
Who is out and about on the weekend starting fires that doesn’t have the time during the week?
The net is closing, but hurry up, it’s a terrible trend.