Spilling crocodile tears for landlords

By Crank the Croc

A BIG boo hoo goes out to all the short-term rental landlords bleating about having to pay extra in rates for shielding their property from the long-term rental market.
The Sunshine Coast Council announced the measure in its budget weeks ago but now the ‘industry’ appears to have pulled out a calculator and figured out property holders will have to fork out an average $1300 a year, or 46 per cent, more this year. The increased levy simply brings the region into line with other local jurisdictions and is a drop in the market’s oceanside capacity to turn a dollar – especially over Christmas.
‘At least pour it back into our industry’ they moan, which is a laugh given the entire modus operandi of the Air Bnb model is that it’s every man for themselves. Maybe they should form a union and march the streets – that will go down well. There’s also the point that it’s only generating an extra $13m a year.
It should be more.
As for those complaining about rising interest rates for their second or third or fourth property – tough bikkies. That’s the market you bought in, so sell if you have to.
Own goal
How good is women’s football. The World Cup has been great so far, even without Sam Kerr playing a role until this week. Although a big thanks needs to go to the Wallabies, who via their ineptness, gave sports lovers every reason to switch over and watch France play Brazil in front of 50,000 fans at Suncorp.
Like many I waited until the last minute to decide I wanted to go along to some games and of course couldn’t get a ticket despite handing over enough information to FIFA to at least secure a mortgage.
It made it more disappointing to see about 5000 empty seats for the Matildas vs Nigeria game.