Students urged to stake claim in landcare grants

LOCAL students could get a kick-start in becoming future environmental champions, with schools in the Glass House Mountains given the chance to share in $1 million through a series of landcare grants.

Woolworths will offer Glass House Mountains schools and early learning centres, up to $1,000 each, to develop projects that focus on sustainable food production, improving waste management practices or enhancing native habitats.

“Educating young Glass House Mountains kids on how we can grow a greener future through hands-on learning is an incredible way to make an impact for future generations, and help our local communities today” Woolworths Queensland state manager, Danny Baldwin, said.

“The life-long skills that these young students will gain helps to plant the seeds for a more sustainable and environmental future.

“Last year, our Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant program saw the highest number of applicants ever. This increased demand is promising to see, as we understand schools and early learning centres in the Glass House Mountains are wanting to provide enhanced lessons on sustainability in classrooms.”