Taekwondo locals compete across the globe

By Kirra Livingstone

IN their first major international competition in over two years, head instructors from San Training Centre, Cameron and Kasia, recently travelled to Stockholm, Sweden, to compete at the Swedish Open.

After not being able to compete for two years, the pair were looking to gain some points to improve their world ranking.

Pre-pandemic Kasia’s world rank was 47 but has now slipped to 72 while Cameron’s rank has gone from 89 to 131.

Kasia started in the round of 32 and drew a formidable opponent from the Great Britain national team.

Kasia was the first to score and took a 2-0 lead but lost by 11 points, and although she couldn’t get the win, she performed well.

Great Britain is one of the most competitive teams in the sport, and all its athletes are full-time professionals paid to train and compete.

Cameron had a favourable draw, fighting a local Swedish fighter in the round of 16.

He took a significant lead in the first round and held it for most of the second but couldn’t maintain the pace and his opponent was able to overtake him in the third round.

Still dealing with a tricep tear sustained fighting at last month’s National Championships, Cameron had also picked up an illness while travelling.

Unfortunately, since they both lost their opening matches, they won’t receive any points toward their ranking.

However, now borders are open again, and they have several overseas trips planned this year to compete in Taekwondo competitions all over the world.

On the same day as the instructors were fighting in Sweden, San Training Centre had a team of 11 fighters who competed locally at the Gold Coast Open. The Gold Coast Open is one of the significant events on the domestic calendar.

This year there were over 300 competitors from four states and the team finished with four bronze medals, six silver medals, and a gold medal.

Lachlan Adam was San’s only gold medallist; this was a big win for him, representing his first gold medal in a major black belt event.

His impressive performance comes at a good time as he will be trying to make the national team at the selections for the junior world championships early next month.

This story was contributed by the owner of San Training Centre in Beerwah and Maleny, Cameron Taylor.

Main image: Lachlan Adam, Stean Wessels, Kaitlyn Mcnulty, Conner Adam, Charlie Bidgood, Sonia Wearing, Christine Bedwell, Jayda Davidson, Lois Finley, Maverick Allanson, Jax Warry and Kerri Robertson