Taekwondo pathways emerge

By Kirra Livingstone

13 San Training athletes have been selected to join the Performance Pathways Program Team on May 29, after completing their trials flawlessly.
Owner Cameron Taylor said he was very happy with the results from the trials, and it was a big step for his hinterland-based club.
“The performance pathways program is essentially a step up from the state team that we have, so that’s a team that trains twice a week down at UQ…” he said.
“It’s made from the best of the state, and they also get an opportunity to train with the national team in Melbourne, so it’s a great stepping stone for our athletes.
“One of our black belt athletes, Charlie Bidgood, was picked in the pathways team again this year, which is great. In total we had 13 athletes picked after going through two days of trials.”
He also highlighted how his students would benefit from training in such a high level team during their development in the sport, to one day compete internationally.
“It’s really nice to have an actual set pathway now. It was never something I had as an athlete, so we’ve come a long way having a pathway that can actually take you to the national team,” he said.
“It’s great for them to be able to see the path from club level to training at a state level month to month, training more seriously and, from there, opportunities to train nationally to boost those skills.”