Talking Trades with H&H Metal Recycling

H&H Metal recycling has been a family owned local business for over 20 years. What started as a backyard hobby, it has grown over the years through love and support by the community.

H&H services domestic and commercial customers across the Sunshine Coast and Queensland for all your scrap metal needs.

 In 2003, Don Hall established H&H Metal Recycling as a one-truck operation. A Sunshine Coast local passionate about cleaning up the environment, Don began scrap metal removal for residential and commercial customers on the coast. Over the next ten years, Don’s operation grew due to his dedication to customer service and efficient processes allowing him to pay a competitive price. The family operated business now has multiple trucks and a committed team undertaking scrap metal removal for large businesses across the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland and beyond. In 2019, H&H Metal Recycling opened their scrapyard in Kunda Park to the public, welcoming the public and businesses to cash in their scrap.

 Zac Hall is carrying on the legacy by taking over as general manager,  overseeing a dedicated team of people who assist you in recycling scrap metal. The recycled materials are used by various industries and applications across the world. Reducing waste in a way that benefits all involved. Metal recycling is not only good for the public by allowing them to remove of unused goods but also the enviorment by reducing the amount going into landfill. All of this playing a part by leading Australian into a cleaner tomorrow.

 H&H Metal Recycling believes in helping the community by providing a professional and trustworthy service.