Teak Street housing given preliminary approval

SUNSHINE Coast Council has given preliminary approval to a new housing development on Teak Street, within walking distance of Maleny’s town centre.

In April, the council received an application to develop the 1.194ha block at 6 Teak Street (upslope from Riverside Centre and Mitre 10).

Originally, the proposal was for a 23 multiple-dwelling unit and ancillary rooming accommodation development.

The plan included 12 two-level three-bedroom townhouse-style apartments, ten single-storey three-bedroom separate dwelling houses and one four-bedroom dwelling house.

However, through the assessment process, the council raised concerns about the development overall, advising the developer that the proposal as submitted “does not provide a domestic scale and density that is compatible with surrounding development and complements the traditional built form and streetscape of Maleny’s older residential areas”.

The council noted that the development “does not provide for generous open space to be maintained between buildings to preserve a predominantly open feel”.

Concerns were also raised about pedestrian access and protection and retention of riparian areas.

Consequently, the council approved a scaled back version of the original application, granting preliminary approval on the condition that revised plans be submitted.

Council now requires:

•  The total development be reduced from 70 bedrooms to 55 bedrooms

•  The townhouse-style apartments be reduced from 12 to ten

•  Three of the three-bedroom houses be removed, allowing for the area to be turned into landscaped communal open space

•  Provision of increased communal open space within the southern portion of the site, outside the riparian protection area required to be revegetated, and a suitable range of passive outdoor recreation facilities to provide for residents

•  Dwellings to be setback a minimum 50m from the high bank of Obi Obi Creek

•  Plans for full rehabilitation of the riparian protection area located within 30m of the southern boundary of
    the site adjoining Obi Obi Creek

•  Provision for a boardwalk-style pedestrian connection within the riparian area to avoid the construction of retaining walls

The developer has lodged a request to suspend the appeal period so it can negotiate amendments to the approval conditions.

The result will either be that the developer accepts the council’s preliminary approval and the council and developer come to a negotiated agreed position on the amendments to the preliminary approval, or the developer appeals to the Planning and Environment Court.

To read more about the proposal, go to https://developmenti.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au and search for the application MCU21/0115.