Thank you, Chappy

By Lewis Kwarcianyi

On WEDNESDAY February 22 the chaplaincy services of Beerwah State High School and Beerwah State School held their ‘Thank You Breakfast’ event.

This has long been a tradition at the high school where the Year 11 hospitality students prepare and serve a wonderful sit-down breakfast for supporters and community leaders to be able to celebrate and connect with each other on a yearly basis.

With Covid interrupting events like these over the past years, this was a return to something very special, with around 35 guests in attendance.

 This year, Beerwah SHS celebrates 30 years of chaplaincy, and 11 years for Beerwah SS.

Coralie Lillecrapp and Pam Innes, foundation committee members from each school, spoke at the breakfast.

The chaplaincy service at both schools continues to be a vital program to support families and staff. Mike Turner currently works across both the high school and primary school to assist students who need support with various emotional and social issues.

Main image: Robert and Judith Smyth with chappy Mike Turner

Justin Evans and Cassi Nuske
Robyn Atwell, Carolyn Brewer, Gayle Bismark, Tania Cox & principal Scott Bowden from Beerwah State School