The loved-up John and Lottie Nisbett

YOU may not know their names but anyone who shops at Woolies at the Beerwah Marketplace or has attended a Beerwah and District RSL Sub Branch Anzac Day or Remembrance Day in Beerwah over the past few years will recognise this community power couple.

While John is the sub-branch president who hosts the official RSL services, together the couple provide hours of their time and service to fundraising for the RSL, including long days at the raffle tables or selling RSL merchandise outside of Woolies.

However, the reason for this story is not to profile their community work but to mark an important milestone they reached as a couple on January 13 – they officially celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

It is 60 years since they married at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Brisbane in 1962. They met on December 27, 1960, on Lottie’s 15th birthday, and it didn’t take them too long to realise that they were meant for each other.

The couple got engaged on April 13, and had their engagement party on May 13. Then, with the permission of Lottie’s parents, they married on January 13 the following year, so clearly 13 is a lucky number of them.

When they first met, John, who has Scottish heritage, was in the Queensland Police Force and also proudly a member of the Police Pipe Band, not surprisingly he was married wearing his kilt.

Lottie said that they are still in contact with three of the six members of their bridal party and talked about the importance of friendship and continuing to be a part of each other’s lives over the years.

At their 40th and 50th anniversaries the couple renewed their wedding vows. However, John reckons marrying the same person three times was enough, so they won’t be doing it for their 60th anniversary!

He also joked that the secret to a long and happy married life was all about “doing what you we’re told” and that he was good at following Lottie’s instructions.

However, watching the two of them with each other, it is clear that the success of their marriage is based on sharing, communicating and doing things together, with John explaining that you shouldn’t leave home without letting the other one know you love them!

Lottie said that while they loved their daughters dearly and would do anything for them, that at the end of the day it was each other that was the most important people in their world.

As part of their celebrations they have gone with tradition and bought each other a diamond ring, which John insisted Lottie didn’t start wearing until their special day.