The rainbow bus named Skittles

Imagine riding around in a rainbow coloured bus called ‘Skittles’. Students of Maleny’s The River School can imagine no more with their bus having undergone a very colourful makeover thanks to the generosity of Maleny Accident Repair Centre (MARC).

The River School principal Ann Donoghoe expressed her gratitude for the “awesome work done on the ‘Skittles’ bus”, sharing they did an outstanding job.

The design was created by MARC’s owner Juan Perez and his sons Diego and Mateo.

Diego shared he “wanted the bus to look like it had just gone through a wet painted rainbow”, with Mateo adding that he wanted the front to look like it had “been shot with colour pellets”. The end result: a fabulous looking bus the kids really love.

Juan, along with his apprentices Ethan Francis and Gwilyn Black, took on the mighty task of repairing, designing and painting the bus prior to Easter all free of charge. With over 200 hours work on ‘Skittles’, Juan shared they were honoured to showcase how far their apprentices have come, giving their time and craftsmanship back to the community.

“We hope you enjoy watching the Skittles bus drive up and down town and it brings a smile to everyone that sees it,” Juan said.

Maleny Accident Repair Centre’s apprentices Ethan Francis and Gwilyn Black with The River School Principal Ann Donoghoe