The Red Hornets are red hot

By Kirra Livingstone

The Tibros’ social netball grand final took place last week against the Red Hornets and the DC’s, with the Red Hornets smashing the opposition 41-20.

In the first quarter the DC’s scored the first goal and was an even quarter throughout.

But for every goal the DC’s scored, the Red Hornets would score two goals in return on average in the first quarter, with the Red Hornets GA scoring the most goals for that quarter.

The Red Hornets were quite dominant in the second quarter, scoring six consecutive goals until DC’s responded with their first two goals for the quarter.

DC’s ended the first half with two more goals, however the Red Hornets still had a comfortable lead of 11-23.

The third quarter was the lowest scoring quarter, with the Red Hornets continuing their lead of 15-31, but the DC’s spirits were still high despite the score. In the final quarter, the DC’s scored the most goals they had since the start of the match, starting out the quarter dominantly.

But the Red Hornets fought back to ensure they held their lead, and inevitably brought home the convincing 20-41 win over the DC’s.

Red Hornets centre Linda Mcrostie said it was their third grand final facing the DC’s in the Tibros’ social competition, and their fourth grand final win for their current team.

“It’s a good atmosphere down here,” she said. “It’s a fun and friendly competition and it does get competitive every now and then,”

Linda also said she and her team appreciate all the family support for the social netball teams who come to the games and cheer on the teams.