Think before plating up on vegan food

MORE Australians are adopting vegetarian and plant-based diets, with many choosing to cut their intake of meat – and even fish, dairy, and eggs – to improve their health.

While making such changes can be beneficial to health, Dr Andrew Thompson, a registered doctor at InstantScripts, warns that it could lead to poorer health outcomes if not done properly.

He says switching to a plant-based diet risks lower nutrients and a higher intake of processed alternatives. Dr Thompson said if Australians make poor choices when switching to a plant-based diet, they can risk becoming deficient in vital vitamins and nutrients.

Dr Thompson reveals five common mistakes to avoid when switching to a plant-based diet:

1. Failing to seek regular blood nutrition tests. A plant-based diet requires extra care to ensure individuals are getting all the right vitamins and minerals they need to stay happy and healthy.

2. Eating processed animal product substitutes. Plant-based meat and alternative by-products are marketed as a healthier substitute to their original counterparts.

3. Loading up on vegan junk food.

4. Cutting out key nutrients without replacing them.

5. Eating the wrong portion sizes.
Transitioning to an entirely new diet can cause confusion over portion sizes.