Tibetan festival in Beerwah

A FREE event to promote a vibrant, diverse and fun life by showcasing Tibet and Tibetan culture will be held at the Beerwah Community Hall on Saturday, December 11 from 10am–12.30pm.

Learn about Tibetan culture through Khaita, joyful song and dance performances, as well as a Tibetan arts workshop. To experience the whole program make sure you arrive at 10am.

Khaita means ‘harmony in the space’. Kha is Tibetan for space or sky and Ta is Tibetan for harmony or melody.

The mission of the Khaita Tibetan Annual Festival is to carry on the legacy and inspiration of internationally recognised teacher, Professor Namkhai Norbu (Chögyal Namkhai Norbu) who died in 2018.

By organising and promoting various cultural activities related to his life’s work, the festival organisers aim to support the individual and social evolution of humanity in harmony with our environment.

The event is being organised by Topgyal Gontse on behalf of international and Australian Dzogchen community of Namgyalgar, which operates a retreat centre in the Glass House Mountains.

Khaita activities have been featured at other multicultural festivals on the Sunshine Coast and this year will be the second time a dedicated Khaita Tibetan Festival has been held. The first event was held in 2019 at the Maleny Community Centre.

For information about Khaita Tibetan Festival you can contact Topgyal via email at tibet4you@gmail.com or phone 0470 260 303.

The Beerwah Community Hall is next to the library in Peachester Road, Beerwah.