‘Unusual humidity’ delivers sweltering conditions

An ‘unusual’ wave of humidity is forecast to make already heatwave-like conditions even worse across the Hinterland as households are being urged to reduce power usage amid fears of blackouts.

Residents sweltered on Tuesday as temperatures hit 35 degrees across the Glasshouse Country region, although it felt closer to 40 degrees.

And while humidity was hovering at about 50 per cent, that was expected to soar across the region before hitting 83 per cent by Wednesday afternoon.

“Severe heatwave conditions are forecast for the next few days for the south east as oppressive humidity combine with high daytime temperatures and high night times temperatures,” Bureau of Meteorology’s Brooke Pagel said.

“A reprieve is expected with a strong southerly change and dramatic drop in temperatures on Thursday.”

The heatwave conditions could see record demand for power today and tomorrow along the eastern seaboard with households urged to conserve power.

The State Government said it was working with big industrial users to reduce their use during peak periods but also wanted households to reduce consumption.

“While we are working with major electricity users to manage demand, households can also take simple steps to help like turning off devices that are on standby and other appliances where it is safe to do so during the evening peak,” Energy Minister Mick de Brenni said.

“Essential services such as hospitals, transport networks, ports, airports and other key infrastructure will stay online.

Maximum temperatures were forecast to fall to 29 degrees on Thursday with up to 40mm of rain expected.

Temperatures were to drop even further on Friday and Saturday with maximums of 25 degrees.