Up, up and away

GLENVIEW mum Kim Jones has always harboured an adventurous streak. When she found herself becoming restless in her predictable office-based job, instead of staying in the rut she was determined to dream big, back herself and look for new and exciting opportunities. She applied for a cabin crew position with the newly established Bonza airlines and was one of the first 20 successful applicants. In August 2022 she commenced ground school. Kim is now one of the first lot of Bonza cabin crew to fly the regional skies. GC&M News caught up with Kim to find out a little more about her inspiring ‘go-getter’ attitude to tackling life.

What made you decide to apply to be a cabin crew member in your late 40’s?

 I had been working in administration which meant an office and the same people each day. I needed to have more variety, movement, influence and character in my life. Travel is my favourite thing in the world and being able to work cabin crew from my own city, to be home each night for my family and explore Australia was an incredible opportunity.

You decided to join a woman’s football team last year – can you tell us a little more about that?

After a back injury in 2018 I was determined to work on my strength to support my overall well-being and was in a good physical condition. When I saw that Caloundra Panthers were recruiting for their inaugural team, I felt excited! My generation didn’t have the opportunity to play Aussie Rules football as a female, a game I love and have always thought I’d love to play. After one training session, I was hooked. The team were so supportive and welcoming, and it felt great to be part of team sport again. Although I’d been doing a lot of solo training I had been looking for a group of like-minded people to exercise with and I found them.  

What prompted you to learn how to fly a plane and when did you do this?

When life gets a little too routine, I feel very restless. I asked myself, ‘What else is possible?’ This life is full of opportunity and experience. What else can I experience and achieve? Being in the flight deck of a small aircraft recently, taking the controls and soaring over the Glasshouse Mountains and Pumicestone Passage felt exhilarating but not unusual. It felt like a normal thing to do, and something I should do more of.

What would you say to other women who want to give something a go but might be afraid to start? 

What are you afraid of? No-one else’s opinion of you matters other than your own. Your values are the most important set of rules to live by.  You can give it a try and perhaps you won’t like it. Then you’ll know but you will no longer wonder. It’s your choice.

What have these experiences given you? 

All of these experiences have provided me with an opportunity to learn more about myself; my capabilities, likes, dislikes, areas of improvement, my limits and boundaries.

It has helped me understand that the only thing that is within my control is my actions. Which has been very important because then I can stop worrying about everything else.

Have you always been this adventurous? 

Yes, I have. My favourite thing to do is go somewhere I have never been before or do something I have never tried before.