Veterans urged to get good night’s sleep

Mates for Mates is encouraging the veteran community to help support their mental and physical health by getting a good night’s sleep.
This year’s theme for World Sleep Day on March 18 is “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World”, focusing on the role sleep plays when it comes to our health.
While interrupted sleep schedules may be common for those currently serving in the Australian Defence Force, issues with sleep can linger long after transition for some veterans explains Mates4Mates National Operations Manager, Georgia Ash, particularly for those who experience psychological or physical impacts of service.
“Once transitioned, some veterans may continue to experience sleeping difficulties. This may stem from their military schedules and training but could also be due to physical and psychological injuries or the challenges they may face as they reintegrate into civilian life,” Georgia said.
Adequate sleep is our bodies reset button. It can aid the body to heal from injuries and can heal the mind as well.
“When it comes to veterans, they may experience wear and tear, injuries, psychological conditions or a combination of these so restful sleep is vital to their recovery in all aspects of functioning,” Georgia said.
Sleep can improve a veteran’s ability to cope with pain. It can also ease psychological symptoms, stabilise mood, reduce chronic conditions, and help process emotionally charged memories via dreams.