Volunteering opens doors

DO YOU love the idea of volunteering but you’re not sure whether to take the leap?
Your freedom is precious, we get it. Volunteering shouldn’t be a tie, it should open new doors, possibilities, opportunities and give you access to a fun team of like-minded new friends.
At Bankfoot House and Landsborough Museum you’ll get the fun, the friendships and be able to give back to your community, something scientifically proven to make us happier!
So, what’s stopping you?
You’re worried you’ll be tied down and it’ll be a burden?
Sunshine Coast Council heritage volunteers can take a trip whenever they want thanks to a flexible roster, usually at least one shift per month.
And it’s understandable that things crop up, if you need to head away for longer, that’s OK.
You don’t have the skills?
Full on-the-job training is provided so the only skills needed are a friendly and curious nature or a love of heritage.
There’s no pressure, you won’t be expected to know everything, but you’ll be surprised how much you pick up.
Will you be up to the task?
Our volunteers range in ages and abilities. We have a range of different roles that need attending to, so if you prefer to be seated, that’s OK.
Prefer to work behind the scenes?
We have a range of tasks we need help with from helping at events and being a tour guide to caring for our collection or data entry.
If in doubt, ask, there’s bound to be a job you’ll enjoy and you might find you branch out.
What’s the team like?
You’d be working with staff, other volunteers, students and everyone is part of a solid, friendly and supportive team.
Volunteers become part of an amazing network and receive free workshops, annual bus trips and many other opportunities to learn and participate in our heritage.
To become a volunteer at Bankfoot House or Landsborough Museum, or for more information, email culturalheritage@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au or phone 5420 8600.
Alternatively you can sign up on council’s heritage website.
For more information and opening hours, please visit :