Wallace to represent Oz at UN Assembly

FEDERAL member for Fisher, Andrew Wallace, has been appointed to represent the Australian Parliament at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly, scheduled later this year.
Mr Wallace will journey to the United States in September, marking his return during the Spring Session of Parliament.
The former Speaker has been a prominent voice in Parliament regarding security and defence.
He said the appointment was a significant opportunity, especially given the current state of geo-politics.
“We live in one of the most geo-politically unstable times since World War II,” he said.
“It’s an honour to have been put forward for this important role in light of the global challenges confronting Australia, Australian families, and their businesses.”
Mr Wallace has previously spoken on Australia’s responsibility to defend Israel, local support for Ukraine, Iran’s tyrannical Revolutionary Guard Corps, Australia’s Engagement with Pacific partners through labour mobility, as well as the threat of terror at home and abroad.
“This will be an opportunity to deepen Australia’s parliamentary relationship with international security, defence, and humanitarian partners; the kind of international cooperation necessary if we’re to defend Australia’s interests at home and abroad,” he said.
Mr Wallace was critical of the United Nations and the broader international system, particularly in safeguarding democracy in the Middle East and the encroachment into domestic policy matters. He emphasised Australia’s duty to protect its sovereignty from undue external influence, whether from Canberra or New York.
Mr Wallace has been a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade since 2017.
He also holds positions as the Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security and has previously served as Chair of the Defence Subcommittee.