War on Waste Glasshouse Country

Tip for June

They come in all shapes and sizes, but whichever sort you like, a reusable coffee cup is a great way to cut down your waste footprint.  Every single day, Australians use 2.7 million single-use coffee cups!  Nearly all of these end up in landfill.  Although some claim to be compostable or recyclable, in practice very few end up composted or recycled.  So pop a reusable cup in your bag or keep one in your car.  Even better, have one that is insulated and it will keep your hot drink hot for longer.

If you would like to join our group come along to the next meeting on Wednesday, July 20 from 6-7.30 pm at the CWA Hall in Simpson Street, Beerwah.  Phone 0427 873 701 or visit the War on Waste Glasshouse Country Facebook page for more information.