What’s in store for Landsborough Hall

AS reported in GC&M News (May 25 edition), Landsborough School of Arts Memorial Hall Association had been awarded a $35,000 grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund to refurbish the entrance of the community hall.
We caught up with the association’s president Bob Burns to find out more about the project.

As the front entrance, ramp and stairs had begun to show signs of age, which didn’t represent a current safety concern, it was apparent there were certain issues that would require fixing at some stage in the future. The association applied for the grant to upgrade the structure and visually improve the main entrance to the hall.
Bob said they wanted the entry to be the best it could be, which for example meant improving access for those using a wheelchair, and to improve the aesthetics.
“We want the upgrade to complement the heritage aspect of the hall, which was built in 1924, while also ensuring it has good structural integrity so that the community can enjoy the hall for years to come,” Bob said.

The association engaged architect Alex Hoffmann from Habitance to put together a report on designing the entrance upgrade as well as considering longer term plans that will tap into the hall’s potential as a key player in the developing vision of a local heritage precinct and disaster hub centre.

“We’ve got some exciting aspirations for the hall down the track, including the possibility of installing a commercial kitchen and dining area to support a heritage precinct vision, and the upgrade of toilets and installation of a shower block to support a viable community disaster hub centre,” Bob said.
“The entrance upgrade forms part of a long-term vision to inject energy back into our local community and cement the hall’s position as the beating heart of Landsborough.”

While the entrance upgrade plan is still in the initial stages of planning, Bob envisages it will be several months before work can start. However, on behalf of the hall association he is excited about the plans unfolding to improve the hall that will benefit the community.

Photo: Architect Alex Hoffmann with hall committee members Bob Burns, Stephen Clark and Leonie Edey discussing the hall entry ramp upgrades