Why Custom Orthotics can work for Plantar Fasciitis

By Carly O’Donoghue, Stepping Out Podiatry

Plantar fasciitis is a condition of the foot where pain in the heel or arch area is felt when walking, standing too long or simply first steps in the morning. When there is too much load on the foot, inflammation or microtears occur within the fascia or at the attachment of the heel bone, which is where you will commonly feel the pain.
Not just an arch support…
Custom foot orthotics are not arch supports you will find online, at the Chemist or markets. These devices are designed uniquely for each individual as they are used to optimise foot function (like glasses for your eyes), support, offload or help with alignment (like a cast on a broken arm) and in many cases just to reduce pain.
So how does it work?
When it comes to heel pain, custom orthotics are a great part of a treatment plan to get you back on your feet quickly, so you don’t lose valuable work time, play time with the kids, or exercise commitments. The orthotic works by reducing how much tension or strain goes through the plantar fascia when weight-bearing, reducing pain and inflammation at the heel. The support of an orthotic offloads high pressure areas of the foot that are over-loading, that if left untreated, can lead to injuries.
What do they feel like?
Orthotic devices can be made out of layering a combination of soft materials, or they can be custom designed to include firmer materials for greater control.
Custom orthotics should feel extremely comfortable and soft underfoot and we work with you when designing your unique orthotic device to give you this feeling. If you have an old pair of orthotics that don’t feel comfortable, we are more than happy to look at them for you as you will feel good if your feet do too!
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