World Day of Prayer

Contributed by Eunice Prickett

DESPITE all setbacks causing its postponement, the Glasshouse Country World Day of Prayer service went ahead on Friday, March 18, at the Mary MacKillop Centre, Beerwah.

60 people attended the service which had been compiled by committees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Guest speaker Lyn Mill kept all enthralled with her address centred around the theme ‘I have a plan for you’ and I’m sure many left the service wondering what that plan would be for them.

The Catholic ladies assembled a wonderful display of items of interest from the three countries.

Following the service, a number of people met at Vianta, where Steve had set aside an area for people to enjoy coffee and fellowship.

The special event enables people from seven participating churches to join together in Christian love at least one day each year.

Next year’s World Day of Prayer service will be hosted by the Uniting Church, Beerwah. Thank you to all who attended.