You may have missed it- ‘I could not believe what I was seeing’ (July 31)

A CLOSE encounter with an “out of this world” object that landed in a Beerburrum front yard in the early hours of Monday morning left a local resident “shaking like a leaf” and at a loss to explain the phenomenon.

Long-term Glasshouse Country resident, Joy Paul, was looking out her bedroom window at about 2am on a clear and cloudless Monday morning (July 24) when she saw what she thought was an extremely bright star appear in the night sky.

Initially in admiration of the stellar show, Joy’s curiosity soon turned to gobsmacked awe as the ‘star’ grew inexplicably brighter and larger before, in what seemed an instant, morphed into a stunning cylindrical shaped object gravitating above a street light only metres away from Joy’s house.

As it started to slowly descend the street light was extinguished, leaving what Joy described as the “most beautiful pink” glow surrounding the cylinder.

The object then came to  a stop, appearing to levitate just above the grass verge.

“I can’t tell you how shocked I was,” Joy said.

“I’m a sceptic and people will think I’m crazy, but what I saw was very real.”

Joy described the object as a cylindrical shape radiating in a surreal pink luminosity.

Joy said the “out of world” object, which was about 1.5 metres in height and 80cm wide, then appeared to tilt on its side about 45 degrees, the top of the cylinder opened with the ‘roof’ scraping on the ground.

“It was so pretty,” she said.

“It glowed with this beautiful pink hazy colour that I can’t say I’ve seen before.”

She did not see anything exit the object and could not see inside, but in an instant the cylinder had closed and shot vertically into the sky at what Joy  described as extremely fast.

The whole experience was no more than two minutes, Joy said.

As the object departed the street light turned back on.

 Incredibly the experience wasn’t completely over with Joy saying she also saw a shiny metallic object in the sky near to where the brighter object had disappeared.

This object was much bigger with multiple angles and shapes that Joy was at a loss to describe.

“I was shaking like a leaf,” she said of her X-Files experience.

 “I couldn’t get over it, I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. I just made myself a cup of tea and stayed awake.”
“It was definitely something out of this world.”

Joy said she had lived at the same address for about 23 years and had never seen or experienced anything like the eerie experience of Monday morning.

“I definitely saw something,” she said. “It is the gospel truth.”

Joy added: “There were definitely no strings attached to it, there was no noise that I could make out and it wasn’t hanging from anything.”

Asked how she had been handling the experience, Joy admitted it had been difficult and she had been up every morning since at the same time to see if the object reappeared.

“I didn’t believe in UFO’s before.

“I’ve never even thought about them before.” “But now, well I’m very nervous, but in an excited way as well.”

“It makes me nervous talking about it.”

Joy’s experience comes in a big week for unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) as they are known, with US congressional hearings being told of cover-ups and the deliberate hiding of direct interstellar interactions. However no hard evidence appeared to have been delivered.

Walkley-award winning journalist, Ross Coulthart, told media last week: “The Pentagon has formally admitted that UFOs and UAPs are a real mystery,” the author of In Plain Sight and host of the Need to Know podcast said.

“It’s no longer something we can laugh at and ridicule and dismiss as a weather event or misidentification of a star.”