Zumba Fun at Landsborough

Laughter is the best medicine and ZUMBA is definitely the BEST way to lose weight and get fit while you’re having fun! Zumba Gold Dance Fitness has arrived at The Landsborough School of Arts Memorial Hall and these classes overflow with fun-filled, life-giving movement and joy. Dancing on a regular basis is 100% recommended for good health and, with the combination of dance and fitness, Zumba is where it’s all happening. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, you can do as little or as much as you like, as long as you’re enjoying the music and having fun.
Zumba “Gold” is slower paced, low impact, simple, easy choreography – perfectly designed for active older adults, beginners and people returning from injuries. The friendly, inclusive atmosphere is PERFECT for a re-emergence from the chrysalis, and hopefully you’ll be entertained and distracted by your bright and colorful Instructor, just long enough to keep your mind focused and absorb some of your self-consciousness.
You can be in the moment – feeding your soul, taking a trip down memory lane to well known classics and enjoying a variety of music from all genres, while fulfilling your lifelong joy of dance. Improve your flexibility through movement and mobility, exercise your mind, improve focus, memory and coordination, make friends and get fit while you’re having fun.
As an avid musician, dancer & instructor, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing faces alight, eyes full of joy and to hear heartfelt expressions of gratitude and inspiration after an hour on the dance floor. No partner needed.
My Zumba Gold Classes are held 5 days a week in Caloundra and at The Landsborough School of Arts Memorial Hall – 9.30am every Wednesday. Come along and join the fun. Call or text me to book on 0488 206 685 and I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.
Faith Baer – Zumba Gold – every Wednesday 9.30am
Landsborough School of Arts Memorial Hall
Ph or text 0488 2066 85 to book your spot.