Edition deadlines

Glasshouse Country & Maleny News is produced on a fortnightly basis with the on-line edition going live on a Monday afternoon and the print editions being distributed to our bulk drop locations throughout the day on the Tuesday.

If you would like to advertise or have a story included in an edition it is best to work to our 12noon Wednesday deadline on the week before the edition date.

Edition dates and deadlines for the rest of 2021 are below, we take a one edition break over Christmas and will be back for our first edition for 2022 on January 18.

Edition datesDeadline dates
Tuesday, July 612noon, Wednesday June 30
Tuesday, July 2012 noon, Wednesday July 14
Tuesday, August 312 noon, Wednesday July 28
Tuesday, August 1712 noon, Wednesday, August 11
Tuesday, August 3112 noon, Wednesday, August 25
Tuesday, September 1412 noon, Wednesday, September 8
Tuesday, September 2812 noon, Wednesday, September 22
Tuesday, October 1212 noon, Wednesday, October 6
Tuesday, October 2612 noon, Wednesday, October 20
Tuesday, November 912 noon, Wednesday, November 3
Tuesday, November 2312 noon, Wednesday, November 17
Tuesday, December 712 noon, Wednesday, December 1
Monday, December 2012 noon. Tuesday, December 14
Tuesday, January 1812 noon, Wednesday, January 12