BeeGees need to open shop

THE BeeGees Football Club is facing a $30,000 loss per year if they cannot find someone to fill the paid position of canteen manager.
BeeGees communications officer, Tasia Higgins, said because they haven’t had a canteen manager this year, the club hasn’t been able to sell food and drinks at their home games.
“We really need a canteen manager because we are losing a lot of money by having our canteen closed, the part time role pays more than $30 an hour, offering about 15 hours of work a week,” she said.
“This is a crucial revenue stream which we depend on, it pays for our insurance, it pays to keep the lights on every week, we really need someone.”
Tasia added that the role is heavily supported by the club and volunteers who work in the canteen, and working hours are flexible for the potential candidate.
“We are a very supportive club, we pride ourselves on putting the community first and have a beautiful family of players, their families and volunteers,” she said.
“If we can’t hire a new canteen manager, it will be a huge blow to our club.”