Best type of meeting

Coffee Club is a great option for team meetings

THE Coffee Club isn’t just about getting your caffeine hit and having a good old chat with your friends.
GC&M News spent a few hours at The Coffee Club Beerwah for our annual planning meeting and in between coming up with some great ideas to help our advertisers grow their businesses, we took advantage of the extensive cafe menu to ensure we remained well fed and firing on all cylinders.
Complementing the top service from Michele, Mark and the Coffee Club team are a wide range of food and drinks that cater for every dietary preference.
We tried one of the specials, a delicious Outback Stack Burger which comes loaded with a beef patty, pineapple, egg, beetroot, bacon, lettuce, tomato and sauce as well as chips on the side. Packed with those flavours you can’t go wrong!
Being the start of the year and still holding true to our New Year resolutions we ordered two salads including the Cauliflower and Haloumi salad – a great combo – and the Grilled Chicken and Pesto Salad – excellent as well.
We decided the Sweet Potato Wedges were also a healthy option, which we washed down with a very refreshing Mojito Crush Frappe – perfect for summer!
The resolutions went out the door by the end of the day after we ordered a chocolate brownie and

pastry from the display cabinet.
We can’t be blamed though, it was impossible to refuse.
Check it out!