Dam levels double in two months

By Kirra Livingstone

SEQ water grid levels up

EWEN Maddock dam’s water storage level has doubled in a matter of weeks, following torrential summer storms.

The hinterland water storage facility had fallen to 56.5% capacity at the end of last year, before a series of New Year storms, including a 24-hour dump on February 9, delivered over 150mm of rain.

By February 16, dam levels surged to 109.5%, receding slightly to 102% in recent days. 

Current volume levels are nearly 17,000 megalitres.

Across the entire SEQ water grid, levels have risen to 79.4%, an increase from approximately 69%.

Wivenhoe Dam experienced a notable surge from 63.1% to 73.9% between January 14 and February 22, continuing its upward trend.

However, back in October 2023 it was on a steady decline from 67.1% on October 1, to its lowest point in three months at 61.9% on December 22.

Somerset Dam dropped to 74.8% in late December 2023, reaching a peak at 81.6% on February 22.