Dozens oppose quarry as public submissions build

By Mitch Gaynor and Sonia Isaacs

DOZENS of responses have been lodged in opposition to Glasshouse Quarry’s bid to double rock extraction days after submissions were opened to the public.
More than 50 submissions have been published with all against the proposed development, which would see extraction of the quarry increase from 600,000 tonnes per annum to 1.2 million.
The response comes after GC&M News revealed that Hanson was offering to spend over $5 million on intersection and road upgrades as well as regular contributions for road repairs. The offering has done little to assuage community concerns.
Topping concerns of the majority of submissions were environment, tourism and the impact on the cultural history of the Glasshouse Mountains.
An impassioned Zeitha Jalamala Murphy wrote: “Hanson Quarry, say they pay their respects to my culture, my elders past and present. To my ears and eyes this is a false statement.
“Does destruction emphasise respect while they continue to blow up Jinibara land and furthermore, remove it elsewhere?”
Newly elected Division 1 Councillor, Jenny Broderick, said she was seeking community input as the application worked its way through council.
Cr Broderick said with little over two weeks remaining of the public submission period it was imperative she understood community concerns about the proposed expansion of operations.
She said she would be prioritising door knocking along Coonowrin Road to both raise awareness about the community process and find out more about what residents felt.
“An awareness campaign is important for our community to understand that submissions are open now and it is vitally important that our local community have their say in this matter,” Cr Broderick said. Submissions close on April 25.
More information can be found at Sunshine Coast’s Development i website using: MCU23/0197