Family Artists in Bloom

Multi-disciplinary exhibition from mother and daughter

By Sonia Isaacs

‘IN BLOOM’ is inspired by the Japanese concept of Oubaitori, the idea that people, like flowers, bloom in their own time.
Created by mother, Crystal Waters, Conondale artist Ilana Cowan and her daughter Sara Yael, this multi- disciplinary exhibition features over 30 artworks including abstract art, visual art, indigo textiles, bespoke lamps and hand-painted indigo clothing.
Ilana Cowan said she was very proud to be exhibiting alongside her middle daughter Sara Yael, whose support and encouragement had played a crucial role in her artistic journey right from the beginning.
“This exhibition is very important for me at this time in my life because rather than just retire, I feel I am embarking on a new journey altogether,” she said.
Her daughter, Sarah Yael, said growing up, her mother’s passion for painting and art surrounded her and shaped her entire upbringing with the beauty of her mother’s creations.
“Her influence propelled me towards various creative pursuits—I’ve worked as a designer, a musician, and a stylist, yet never delved into visual arts until now,” she explained,”
“They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… and this exhibition holds a special place in my heart,” Ms Yael added.
Ms Yael said the inspiration behind the series of paintings she was exhibiting stemmed from her understanding of ’The Big Blue’, and the
constant source of healing water brings.
“It baptises me daily, awakening my senses.
“Having always lived near bodies of water, whether it’s the ocean or rivers, this series is my homage to water and the divine feminine spirit it embodies,” she said.
Co-presented by the Cooroy Butter Factory, ‘In Bloom’ will grace the gallery from May 18 to June 16th, 2024.