I really do like people … at least I try

OH, WONDERFUL. I’ve got myself an arch nemesis. I wasn’t even in the market for (another) one, so thanks a lot Andrew McLean.
Mr McLean has written a mean letter that calls me names and somehow conflates my unwillingness – and let’s face it, inability – to buy an electric vehicle, with a rise in domestic violence incidents on State of Origin night. I found it hard to follow the argument, but the logic went something like this: I’m a grumpy alpha croc, alpha crocs like football, domestic violence rates spike on State of Origin nights, therefore… I’m not sure, you lost me.
I should buy an electric car? I don’t know either.
What I do know is, I wouldn’t be so grumpy if people weren’t so stupid. On that point, we’re at an impasse. My original thought was that there is a lot to consider when buying an EV. And during a cost of living pinch it’s not as simple as just wanting to do good. They’re bloody expensive and the resale value is dire and about to get a lot worse (just look to the US and the number of second hand Teslas about to hit the market). I didn’t even mention that they randomly self combust, but there you go. Flaming cars!
OF COURSE we could all just ditch cars for the world’s most pointless invention since the fidget spinner: E-scooters.
The council is now asking what people really think about them as a trial on the coast reaches its end.
Strangely the questions posed all lead to the answers of ‘awesome’ or ‘more awesome’.
Much like all good government inquiries.
Strangely there’s no option for ‘how many bones you broke the first time you used one’.
Commonsense won’t prevail but it would be great to hear from the local hospital about the number of admissions they have received in the past year directly related to people falling off scooters. A lot, I would say.