Maleny Life Library open

Contributed by Raeleen Kaeshagen

YOU know that feeling you get when you find a place all to yourself, to snuggle up with a great book and a hot beverage?

It could be one of mystery and magic, taking you on the most wonderful journey.

We have no shortage of content. We are bombarded.

Electronically we can explore forever from blog to podcast to e-newsletter to socials.

Sometimes to transform, to grow, we have to put down the devices and go back to the simple.

Hold a physical book, play with a physical toy, use physical equipment. Just allowing ourselves that moment of pleasure.

Life Library is a library of physical books, toys and equipment. It’s here to help transform people and it has just opened a collection point in Maleny at the Blessed Earth store.

Words are magic. One book, one sentence can change a person’s life. Life Library is here to facilitate that magic. That change.

It provides the books for transformation – the knowing, the joy, the learning.

It provides the equipment and toys to put the theory into practice. Now I know, people can just buy books and equipment. We only need to think of how many items we have purchased with good intention, that now just sit on a shelf or stuffed in a cupboard.

Life Library removes the clutter, it removes the unnecessary purchases, it removes the tourists needs of buying ‘stuff’ they need while on holidays that will be left behind or thrown away and it removes financial pressure for life long students who have a craving for knowledge but not the budget. Life Library is not just any ordinary library.

It allows for this and people can keep and purchase any items that they do not want to part with.

It does all this with loving door to door and collection point service. For the busy mum, holiday maker or the retiree who would rather stay home, we can deliver.

For the person who prefers not to pay for delivery, we have collection points across the Sunshine Coast, where the pick up and return of the items is free.

Please join us in sharing this magical journey. The transformation back to the simple.

Enjoy the simple things in life again.