Neighbours connect in tough times

Next Sunday March 27 is Neighbour Day; of course, any day is a great day to strengthen relationships with neighbours, but on the last Sunday in March, the annual day is recognised to enable sustainable respectful relationships across communities, while also helping to address loneliness across the nation.

While our communities go through the recovery phase of the recent weather events which caused widespread damage to properties throughout the region, there was plenty of generosity shown from neighbours and within our communities; it is in challenging times, particular through natural disasters that we’re reminded just how important our relationships with our neighbours can be.

Glasshouse Country community development workers are encouraging locals to reflect on recent events and consider how they can connect and strengthen their neighbourhoods in times of disasters.

Community development worker Natasha Odgers shared that although recent flooding has caused damage to properties, the generosity shown between neighbours and among our communities is the silver lining worth paying attention to.

“When roads are cut, power is out and supplies are diminishing, it is the kindness between people who live in the same street or neighbourhood that is often the lifeline,” said Natasha.

“In these current times, it appears to be more common for people to be caught up in busy lives and mobile phones than to use the phone to call friends and family for regular chats or pop over to the neighbours’ place for a cuppa”.

Natasha, who is heavily involved with the Glasshouse Country Community Development Program, run through the Caloundra Community Centre, is offering free support to people who would like to explore how to strengthen connections and disaster preparedness in their neighbourhoods sharing that this can simply start with a conversation, adding “no particular skills are needed, just kindness and interest in the wellbeing of people who live around you.”

If you would like to talk about opportunities for your neighbourhood, you can contact Natasha on 0418 720 515 or email

You may also like to consider coming together in the street for Neighbour Day, this Sunday March 27. For other resources and ideas on connecting and supporting neighbourhoods, see the ‘At Home In My Neighbourhood Toolkit’ on the Sunshine Coast Council website.