Parents’ special night

IF you are looking for babysitting for your Valentine’s celebrations check out Masterpiece Dance’s offer for Saturday the 10th of February:
Masterpiece Dance’s Parents Night Out!
Saturday 10th February, 5.00-7.30pm
Perfect for a romantic KID-FREE early Valentine’s Day dinner.
Having four kids themselves, the owners of Masterpiece Dance understand the importance of a kid-free date night, so let them babysit while you hit the town and enjoy a much-needed break at one of our awesome local venues.
Fully supervised event at the Masterpiece Dance studios – conveniently located in the centre of Beerwah.
Includes pizza and snacks for the kids.
They’ll have loads of fun with a disco, games and movie.
Limited numbers. Bookings essential.
$29 for one child, $50 for 2 siblings, $60 for 3 siblings.
Book now: