Poetry by Leisa Craft


Walking through pine forest
light begins to fade.
I’m whispering softly to myself,
“no need to be afraid”.

Why did I venture out,
by myself, all alone?
There’s clearly no reception,
I can’t even use my phone.

I hasten my pace.
Soon it will be night.
The sun is setting magnificently,
my surrounds are bathed in light.

I’m hoping and I’m praying
it’s not too far to go.
Surely, I’ll find my way
Through the misty glow.

Finally, I’ve made it
My haven, now in view
My heart can stop its racing
Enchanted woods, adieu!

The Howling

I hear the howling, the constant howling
of haunting wind through rustled trees.
I hear the howling, the incessant howling
down the drainpipes, along the eaves.

I feel a shiver, an awful shiver
run up my arms and down my spine.
I feel a shiver, a frightful shiver,
reminds me of the loss that’s mine.

I see the faces, the dimming faces
of those I loved and are no more.
I see the faces, the fading faces,
my mind’s eye fixed on time before.

It is a mystery, a constant mystery
of why they left and where they went.
It is a mystery, an incessant mystery,
their lives on Earth, now gone, now spent.