Raining in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland weather

By Marlene Jennings

WIND, rain, or sunshine? The installation of a free-access weather station at Gerrards Lookout, Balmoral Ridge, is a first for the hinterland community providing real-time meteorological information.

The station, installed in March, is the initiative of the Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators Club (SCSAC) with one of its main purposes to provide accurate wind data for paragliding.

But the broader advantage for locals is access to real-time weather reporting as well as rainfall readings.

Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators Club spokesperson Dom Colvile said, “There was no weather station and no reliable information to say what was actually happening on the Hinterland.”

“With paragliding it’s critical we assert the direction of the wind, and the strength of the wind, they are the key issues we look at,” said Dom.

As the closest weather stations are at Nambour and the Sunshine Coast, Gerrards Lookout provides the ideal location to gauge the Hinterland’s diverse weather patterns.

Having been declined twice for council grants, the SCSAC self-funded the station at a cost of around $1,800, paying a monthly data fee to a SIM card because of the mobile access.

In a show of appreciation to the Maleny and Hinterland community for being able to fly in the area, the SCSAC have included a rain metre with online access for public use.

Dom added the Hinterland is a community where everyone likes to help, so the SCSAC would like to share the benefits of the weather station.

The weather station is installed on the private property of Peter and Sue Buch for whom the SCSAC is thankful for their support and allowing the club access to their land.

Everyone is welcome to watch from Gerrards Lookout, as the paragliders soar the thermals of the mountain ranges in single or tandem glides.

To access to the mobile weather station online go to: https://holfuy.com/en/weather/1622