Vandalism cost to community

Ongoing incidents of vandalism ‘disappointing’

By Sonia Isaacs

AN upsurge of local vandalism incidents has seen local organisations, schools and buildings, targeted over the last four weeks.
Last week, GC&M News revealed that vandals had caused thousands of dollars worth of damage by smashing windows at the new Beerwah Health Hub.
Following our report, GC&M News was advised that another incident had occurred over the weekend of March 2-3, where windows at the new build were once again smashed.
Site manager, Chase McDonald, said he suspected the damage was caused by adolescents and said it was disappointing to see this type of behaviour in the community.
“It is very unlikely that adults or older teenagers would do this type of damage. Real criminals aren’t going to stand there and throw 50 rocks at a window. This is something that bored and undisciplined kids do,” Mr McDonald said.
Last month the Beerwah RSL building was also targeted, with vandals extensively ‘tagging’ the outside of the building. Beerwah and District Sub Branch president, John Nisbett, said he felt angry and disgusted when the damage was discovered.
“It’s just senseless and wrong. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to damage our RSL building,” he said.
Ongoing vandalism and graffiti over the last month has also forced Landsborough State School to close their oval and basketball courts to the public until further notice.
“This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but we cannot continue to cover the costs of repairing our facilities,” the school stated in an online post on March 6. Beerwah business owner, Peter Kennedy, said he felt there were two different groups currently targeting the area.
“I feel the taggers are an older bunch of kids and window smashing would be younger kids,” he said.
“It’s disappointing that whoever is doing this is that bored that all they can think of doing is to damage other people’s property.”
Beerwah Police QPS Sergeant, Glen Peatling, said Beerwah QPS would continue to target hot spots of anti-social behaviour in the area with patrols.
He urged the public to contact Policelink on 131 444 to report any incidents or observations of vandalism. or anti-social behaviour.