World Day of Prayer theme on Palestine

The 2024 World Day of Prayer will be held on March 1 at the Mary MacKillop Catholic Centre in Beerwah.
The host Church is the Glasshouse Country Anglican Community and the service will commence at 9.30am.
The theme this year ‘I beg you bear with one another in love’ and is focused on Palestine.
The service has been compiled by the Ecumenical group of Christian Women in Palestine and calls on people to bear with each other in love, despite all difficulties and oppression.
The program was written by a group of ecumenical Christian Palestinian women – prior to the current conflict – and is in response to the passage from Ephesians 4:1-7.
Organisers reflected collectively on this theme from the context of our suffering as Palestinian Christian women.
“We hope to inspire other women around the world to bear with one another in love during troubled times,” they said.