2022 Spelling Bee Tennis Tournament

Contributed by Peter Voigt

OUR MU06 court was prepared and the spelling word generator was rewound for the running of the 7th annual BSHS Spelling Bee Tennis Tournament. Over 150 smiling faces fronted up to the courts with bubbling enthusiasm and hopes of glory for their house.

Beerwah High serves up a spelling bee that’s like no other. The tennis rally format and tactical gameplay of our spelling bee spices up the competition and levels the playing field. Teams battle out points in mock tennis matches, spelling words to stay alive in each rally, taking care to choose the perfect moment to use their teamplay, reserve, count-me-in and power-shot tactical cards to gain ascendancy.

BSHS 2022 Spelling Bee Champion Teams
Year 7 – Miketeebumulgrai
Year 8 – Tunbubudla
Middle School – Ngungun (with a splash of Budla)
Senior School – Tibberoowuccum (with a splash of Gungun & Budla)