Aiming for the pinnacle of success

Beerwah’s newest real estate agency opens its doors for business

By Kirra Livingstone

PINE Property Partners is Beerwah’s newest real estate agency, offering support to buy and sell your homes without the corporate hassles, and to get the best results for their clients.
Founder, Bailey Sims, has been in the real estate industry in the local area for many years, and is focused on putting clients over house sales, and putting the sale profits back into their clients and community.
Although Pine Property Partners only officially opened their office on January 22, after working out of their dining room for two weeks prior, Bailey alongside his finance Aiesha, says they have already sold their first listing.
“We’ve been officially operating for 24 days now, and we’ve already had one listing go up and one listing go down, so we sold a house in the first week of our office being open,” he said.
Mr Sims’ and his fiancé’s main driver to start their own agency is their young family, and professionally they want their clients at Pine Property Partners’ to be their top priorities.
“We’re offering a better service for the whole area, more transparent and truthful partners in property equals better results,” Bailey said.
“The client always has to come first, people in the property before the property, because that’s what makes everything happen, and we wanted to make sure every promise we make, we keep.”
Bailey and Aiesha added that paperwork and contracts are dealt with externally by their partners so they can focus on what they do best, listing, selling and being in front of their clients.
“Working to our strengths and not getting bogged down in admin, yet knowing it’s still handled by professionals whose sole focus is to make sure we’re systemised and compliant,” the couple said.
Mr Sims works alongside two agents, Xander Bryant and Mitch Markham, who both graduated from Beerwah High School, and they hope one day they’ll be able to establish more accessible pathways for school leavers to pursue a career in real estate.
He added the business has big plans in the future such as one day having an inhouse counsellor to support sellers through stressful house sales, and supporting the community as much as possible.
“We are also going to be very involved in the community, we want to support local and one way we are doing this is having a centre piece table built for the office by the Glasshouse Men’s Shed,” Bailey said.
Bailey looks forward to maintaining his stellar sales results and his high-level, high-quality customer satisfaction in the local area and can’t wait to grow the business.
If you would like to contact the professional team at Pine Property Partners, call Bailey on 0412 099 954 or email at .