And the BeeGees said, let there be lights and action!

By Kirra Livingstone

IT’S been a long-term goal and last week the BeeGees finally scored big time.
Eight new state of the art LED light posts were installed at the Glasshouse Mountains Sport Club after a years long journey.
Thanks in large part to a generous $390,000 state government grant, the lights will allow senior BeeGees teams to host night games across fields one and two.
Other clubs including the Glasshouse Touch Association will also enjoy the benefits of the new lights.
The BeeGees were the drivers behind replacing the original 30 year old light posts, with State MP for Glasshouse, Andrew Powell, advocating for them at the Queensland Parliament with former president Shaun De Courcy.
Project manager and long term BeeGees player, David Perez (pictured, main), said it was a special moment in the history of the club.
“The fact we are now going to see the men and women play at night across two fields is great news,” he said.
“Then of course there’s the potential of a future upgrade for field three, so watch this space.”
The lighting system itself is easy to operate and importantly will cut power bills for users.
“The lights are phone operated so it will be super easy for committee members and coaches to turn on and off, the club’s power bill will be cut by about 60 per cent, saving us a lot of money,” David said.
Installing the lights had been delayed due to the consistent wet weather in the region, and some difficulties finding local businesses to fill the tender.
QGE group’s Beerwah office is managing the project, Hanson provided concrete for the job and GM Poles are a Brisbane-based business who specialise in sport field lighting.
The club is aiming to have a new lighting opening ceremony in mid April.