Beerwah Masters swim team win large club award

By Kirra Livingstone

THE Beerwah Masters Swim team won their first ever team trophy at the Noosa Masters Meet on April 6, for most average points won for a large club.
Eight competitors for the Beerwah squad participated in the annual swim meet bumping them up to the large club category, and a huge effort was put in by all swimmers.
The team won a number of medals and made several personal best times, and despite the tough competition they faced, the Beerwah side were humbled by the win.
Team swimmer, Kylie Cornock, said it is the first group club award they have won since starting the masters team in 2021, and the whole team was proud of the achievement.
“We did really well we had everybody who swam really well and we won a club award which we have never won before,” she said.
“It was amazing, I don’t know if I ran or danced, I did something on the way up to accept the award, I was really excited, it was awesome.”
To contribute to the highest average points for a large club on the day, Beerwah Masters collected five gold medals and two bronze medals, with all but one swimmer getting a medal each.
“We haven’t seen results like that before so it was really cool,” Kylie said.
Kylie also praised the calibre of the Noosa Masters Swim Meet, who ran their 23rd regional masters event.
“Amazing, they run the best day, they are really organised and switched on with their marshalling they do a BBQ at the end, it’s like a well-oiled machine and we love that day, we love going to Noosa,” she said.
“They are a really well-established club and they are celebrating the masters team’s 25th anniversary this year, which is huge.”
However, the Beerwah team is already looking forward to bigger and better things, preparing for the Masters State Championships this week held in Brisbane.
“Our next swim meet will be on April 18-April 21, we will have six swimmers, myself, Lene, Louise, Courtney, Ange and Nardia, competing at that one,” Kylie said.
“I don’t know how many podium finishes we might expect but it’s going to be enormous.
“There will be hundreds of swimmers there over the four days so its going to be a huge event.”
Although you can apply to compete in the State Championships rather than being selected, Kylie said the Beerwah swimmers will face up against some strong competition.
“We have been training for this one since we started back with masters swimming this year,” she said.
“This is a big event for us, and hopefully coming off the back of this award from Noosa, we will put our best foot forward in the pool, and do our best.”