Beerwah’s very busy spelling bees

Contributed By Peter Voigt

The 8th annual Beerwah State High School Spelling Bee Tennis Tournament was held during May.  With 150 enthusiastic players taking to the court, it was tremendous to see so many students stepping outside their comfort zone and embracing the opportunity to have fun,  gain invaluable experience and create precious memories.

The annual spelling battles have proven to be a very popular drawcard; with approximately 25% of the student body fronting up to do battle. This is partially thanks to a spelling bee that’s like no other – with a tennis rally format and tactical gameplay spicing  up the competition and levelling the playing field for students of all abilities.

Student teams battle out points in mock tennis matches, spelling words to stay alive in each rally, and choosing the perfect moment to use their precious teamplay, reserve, count-me-in and power-shot tactical cards to gain ascendancy!