Broncos Girls Academy at Beerwah SHS

BEYOND the Broncos Girls Academy was launched at Beerwah State High School on Thursday, November 3. Thank you to parents, special guests, staff, administration and students that attended. The Brisbane Broncos are very excited to bring our successful Girls Academy to Beerwah SHS and to offer our support to even more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls. 

This program is available to all Indigenous girls enrolled at Beerwah State High School.

The Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy values the vital role that young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women play in influencing the next generation by providing culturally based support for these future leaders to succeed at school and beyond. The Brisbane Broncos have been delivering innovative programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in Queensland and northern NSW to support their education, training and employment opportunities since 2010.

As part of the program, we also offer regular activities each term to encourage and reward achievement. We will also deliver personal development workshops for the girls and encourage attendance and participation in all activities.  We look forward to your involvement and support of the program.

Our Student Support Officer (SSO) based at Beerwah is Lyn Schloss. Lyn is able to provide weekly mentoring support for your student, on Monday and Wednesday.

Contact Lyn at