Council takes up fast food fight with Coles

Too big, too ugly, appeal hears

THE Sunshine Coast Council has amended its argument for refusing an application by Coles to build a homemaker centre on the outskirts of Beerwah, stating that the proposed fast food outlet is too large for the site.

Coles is appealing a refusal by the Sunshine Coast Council in August 2021 to allow a homemaker centre  – including grocery store, petrol station and fast food outlet – on the corner of Steve Irwin Way and Roys Rd. It appealed the decision in August 2021.

The amendments are a shift in tack from the council, which says the appeal should be refused based on the “size and function of the food and drink component”.

It follows a judgment in the Planning and Environment Court in September to allow a proposed U-turn facility to be included in the appeal.

That facility would require all traffic turning out of the Moroney Place industrial site to turn left on to Roys Rd.

“Notwithstanding the changes made to the development application, due to its location, layout, building appearance and associated signage, the food and drink outlet component of the proposed development is visually obvious as it is not effectively screened from Steve Irwin Way,” the Council’s amendments regarding refusal state.

On the proposed site itself, the council argues the fast food outlet “would prevent the full potential of the Beerwah industry and enterprise area from being realised by compromising and frustrating the integrity and orderly development of the Beerwah Medium impact industry zone”. The Council continues, arguing that the character, setting and identity of Beerwah as a modern country town would fail to be protected by the proposed development stating it is “contrary to the reasonable expectations of the community”.

In its own amendment in support of its appeal, Coles, stated that it understood council and Village Fair Investments now “do not contend the service station component of the proposed development is an inappropriate use”.